We have many services and resources to make you comfortable at home as long as possible, from home maintenance to personal and health care. We are here to serve you in your time of need.

Services include:

• Personal Hygiene
• Dressing Assistance
• Showers
• Medication Reminders & Delivery
• Exercise Program
• Personal Laundry Services
• One on One Care
• Companionship
• Home safety
• Prepare Fresh Meals
• Change Linens
• Take Out Trash
• Washing Dishes
• Assist with Bathing, Toileting, Walking
• Light housekeeping
• Respite Service
and So Much More…


Our goal is to understand your commitment and concern and be part of your team. We would be happy to discuss your needs and how we can best serve you, when you need assistance as a caregiver. Our fees are affordable and tailored to each individuals situation. Together, we can devise a plan that will best support you.

A personal consultation for services available can be arranged by contacting our Administrator for Contracted Services at 231-779-4671.


Blue Lagoon Therapy & Services offers rehabilitative services following many illnesses or injuries. We help ensure a smooth “step-down” transition from a hospital to home or other healthcare setting, at a significantly lower cost.

Our therapy services can coordinate with our personal caregivers, during rehabilitation, after a nursing home or hospital stay. We will coordinate with your chosen skilled service provider to ensure a good transition following an inpatient stay. Our goal is to help you recover and live your life, to the fullest.


Decision Making
“Good advice from a friend regarding placing a loved one in an assisted living or other care facility: “Do your research, ask questions…make the decision.’” — Alex N.

“Even I wonder why I can sit daily by his side as I play tapes, relate bits and pieces of news, hold his hand. Tell him I love him. Yet I am content when I am with him, though I grieve for the loss of his smile, the sound of my name on his lips” — Mrs. C.

A Hug
“I find that a hug makes my dad feel more secure, so I try to give him lots of hugs.” — James A.

“Sure I get angry. But I got angry before Jane got sick. I feel it’s part of being human. I give my-self a certain amount of time to be angry and then I get over it.” — A man who has cared for his wife for 15 years